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Drama Students

Spanglish Academy of Arts (SAA)

Providing education, information and tools for the competitive, acclaimed and trend setting Latino market in the United States through different performance workshops in Spanglish.


Marco Gomez, Juan Carlos Flores and Victoria del Rosal, with their different backgrounds and vast experiences in the industry, encompassing feature filmwork, Broadway plays, telenovelas, streamed and broadcast episodic series, music records and reality shows worldwide - intend to find the diamonds in the raw that fill up the empty space for Spanglish performers in all its glory.


Every participant, from the novice to experienced actor, will discover themselves and their technique, through study and practice of our ancestor’s methodologies in its environment through dynamics that include improvisation, cold-reading, scene-study and body expression.


SAA’s location in Downtown LA converts its facilities into the most creative space, the perfect headquarter of investigation, investigation of the arts and your own self.


SAA extends the invitation for those experienced actors to hone their craft and invites the new aspiring actors to dive into the opportunities of the entertainment industry.

Board Of Directors

Victor Mercado

Josue Salazar

Cesar Martinez

Teaching Artists

Victoria Del Rosal

Juan Carlos Flores

Marco Gomez

Business Conference
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